Go HEP release 0.2

Two weeks after release v0.1, here is v0.2:

What’s new

New fastjet algorithms have been contributed by Bastian Wieck (thanks!):

  • EeGenKtAlgorithm
  • EeKtAlgorithm

fastjet is now also able to compute exclusive jets (thanks again Bastian Wieck)

A new lcio package, with initial read/write support for (most) of the LCIO event data model, has been released:

  • MCParticle
  • SimTrackerHit
  • SimCalorimeterHit
  • LCFloatVec
  • LCIntVec
  • LCStrVec
  • RawCalorimeterHit
  • CalorimeterHit
  • TrackerData
  • TrackerHit
  • TrackerHitPlane
  • TrackerHitZCylinder
  • TrackerPulse
  • TrackerRawData
  • Track
  • Cluster
  • Vertex
  • ReconstructedParticle
  • LCGenericObject
  • LCRelation

See the lcio-ls command and the examples for more informations.

Next steps

Release v0.3 (trying to maintain our 2-weeks release schedule) should see real work on providing support for reading TTrees with user classes.

In the meantime, please give v0.2 a spin, file issues, send patches (via pull requests) and/or discuss anything Go-HEP related on the go-hep mailing list.