Go HEP release 0.30.1


Release v0.30.1 is out of the oven.

This release contains no major API breakage, but all around improvements and bug fixes.


  • updated fwk-app to use the latest gonuts/commander version that provides auto-completion of commands, flags and sub-commands.


  • add support for TBranchObject and TLeafObject
  • add support for TLorentzVector (in root-dump and friends)
  • add support for TNtuple and TNtupleD (in root-dump and friends)
  • add support for empty slices in root2npy


  • fixed a race in hplot.New where the global variable from gonum/plot was being modified without a critical section. This race appeared when one would create multiple hplot.Plot concurrently.


  • improved performances of sliceop/f64s.Take. Do note that sliceop/f64s will probably be rewritten in terms of a generic implementation (and deprecated) once Go-1.18 is generally available.


That’s all for today. Next cycle will probably see some work on the RNTuple front.