Go HEP release 0.34.0


Release v0.34.0 is out of the oven.

This release contains no major API breakage, but all around improvements and bug fixes.


  • hplot/vgop: a new package to implement JSON serialization of gonum/plot canvases
p := hplot.New()
// ...
err := hplot.Save(p, 10*vg.Centimeter, 20*vg.Centimeter, "plot.json")
  • hplot is now using gonum/plot@v0.14.0 which has the necessary infrastructure to get nicer timeseries axes. See the provided examples (here) for the hplot.Ticks type.

  • hplot has gained some basic capability to display the legend (a color palette with numbers) of a 2D plot. See the provided example.

  • added a convenience forward function for gonum/plot/plotter.NewLinePoints (as hplot.NewLinePoints)


  • added support for ROOT 6.28/04
  • groot/rjson: a new package to implement JSROOT-compatible JSON serialization of groot’s histogram types (rhist.H{1,2}x)
h, err := f.Get("h1d")
raw, err := rjson.Marshal(h)

See the complete example here.

  • groot/rtree is now able to read trees created by Geant4 in multithreaded mode (see here for more details).
  • added support for the “new” TLeafG branch.